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Who can work, work. We will win the war, so that "never again" we need to pay off loans, thank for the help and build an organism that is able to maintain itself, develop and help others develop, for example, countries that have difficulty providing basic needs, including educational ones.

Education is the key to the existence of future generations. There is still a lot to do, so it is necessary to work on increasing personal efficiency and making the most productive use of working time.

Our mission is to help everyone work effectively with documents and the exact "do not take bread from a lawyer" for the sake of earning. One hundred percent that the people who make up the documents can do much more and are simply obliged to use their intellectual abilities to solve more complex problems.

Our business is the preparation of documents, automation of workflow.

We invite lawyers to cooperate: publish document templates - this is a great investment in the common treasury of legal knowledge and in your legal future. This is not only an opportunity to receive royalties from your assets, but also your sunny place on the Internet, users will know that you not only declare your skills in the first area, but also draw up documents that are one of the proofs of your experience in a certain area of ​​law.

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We bring to your attention templates of contracts of hire / rent of tools

Apartment lease agreement
Lease Agreement
Lease Agreement (ukr / engl)

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