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InstaDoc is a unique electronic document management system that saves you time and money and the time and money of your business from the first day of use, which is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses, wholesalers, holding and management companies, company groups, law firms and lawyers.


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Document templates 

E-Document management system 

for in-house lawyer and private entrepreneurs  for advocates and law firms for business and indivisuals




Advantages of InstaDoc




Database of templates for different transactions

For enterprises, there are supply contracts for various categories of goods, contracts for the provision of services, leases and other documents that from time to time need any company    


Autofilling of documents, including bilingual

Cap and details of documents, including bilinguals are filled in automatically. Flexible system of adding and changing clauses of contracts and other documents


Using of e-Signatures of all providers of Ukraine

In InstaDoc, you can sign documents with e-signatures (QES), issued by any KNEP of Ukraine




Storage for all documents in one place

You can store in the system documents not only signed by QES in InstaDoc, but also scanned documents or signed in other systems


Instant document exchange

Sending and receiving original documents now takes less than one second. The original file is not required to verify the signature


Your own templates

You or yourself or with the help of an operator can make your own templates in the document designer without the need for programming and use them for free or even sell them to other users of the system


Our portal is the first completely independent, in particular financially and politically, electronic document management service in Ukraine with ambitions to create an international electronic document management platform and a global treasury of legal knowledge.

If ignorance of the law does not absolve from responsibility, then both documents and legal knowledge must be available!

Help develop the portal and your good will come back to you a hundredfold!

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