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Sanctions statement

Повне найменування (Eng.)

Registration number Код компанії

Адреса місцезнаходження (юридична адреса) (Eng.)



Повне найменування (Eng.) , its affiliates and beneficial owner(S) (collectively, “Повне найменування (Eng.) ”) are committed to preventing, detecting and deterring suspected money laundering and terrorist financing activity and to ensuring that neither it, nor its services, are used to facilitate, directly or indirectly, violations of applicable economic or trade sanctions.

Повне найменування (Eng.)  complies globally with sanctions promulgated by the United Nations Security Council and those of key jurisdictions, namely the European Union, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and the United States of America (collectively “Applicable sanctions”), including those imposed on Russia, Iran, Belarus.

Повне найменування (Eng.)  represents and warrants that doesn’t have and during the 3 years period didn't have a business in Russia and a joint business with subjects of entrepreneurial activity from Russia.

Повне найменування (Eng.)  represents and warrants that during the 3 years period has not committed any actions that were contradicted to the Applicable sanctions or could be considered as such.

The beneficiaries and employees of the company do not live and do not carry out any activity in the territories occupied and annexed by the Russian Federation.



On behalf of Повне найменування (Eng.)


Authorized signatory: ПІБ представника (Eng.)

Company Stamp :

Name: ПІБ представника (Eng.)

Date: letter's date, (напр.:May 1, 2021)📆





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