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Рішення ради директорів про представництво в банках (англ), ОАЕ

Повне найменування (Eng.)

Registration number Код компанії

Адреса місцезнаходження (юридична адреса) (Eng.)



dated dat eo the resolution, (напр.:1st of May 2021)📆


 KNOW ALL BY THESE PRESENTS, that meeting of the Managers/Partners of Повне найменування (Eng.) , a company incorporated and existing in accordance with the laws of Країна реєстрації (Eng.) , held at its registered office in Адреса місцезнаходження (юридична адреса) (Eng.) , registration No Код компанії (hereinafter – the “Company”).



1. ПІБ представника (Eng.) (the citizen of Громадянство (Eng.)Назва документа, що посвідчує особу (Eng.)  №Серія і номер паспорту/іншого документа, що посвідчує особу on Коли виданий паспорт/ін.докумунт, що посвідчує особу ), who is the Посада представника (Eng.)   of the Company  Повне найменування (Eng.) .



1.   The Company, as the sole Shareholder of Повне найменування (Eng.) with registration No Код компанії   (the “Subsidiary”), considers to authorize:

•    ПІБ повністю (Eng.) (the citizen of Громадянство (Eng.)Назва документа, що посвідчує особу (Eng.) No Серія і номер паспорту/іншого документа, що посвідчує особу , Emirates ID Emirates ID № )

to represent the Subsidiary in respect of its banking transactions pursuant to the Subsidiary’s Memorandum/Article of Association.

2.   The Company considers the Subsidiary to open a bank account with:

      a. Bank name, country .



1.  THAT the Subsidiary proceed with an opening of an account in its name with the Bank;

2.  THAT ПІБ повністю (Eng.)  authorized:

a)       to open, operate and close any and all accounts of the Subsidiary including current, overdraft, investment, safe deposit, loan and all other accounts in the name Subsidiary with the Bank and/or any bank or banks and to draw, deposit, sign and endorse cheques, promissory notes, Bills of Exchange drawn in favour of the Subsidiary, to withdraw and transfer funds and execute all financial documents Bank under his sole signature and at his discretion.

b)      to sign any and all types of investment agreements, certificate of deposits investment certificates, etc; and to place trades and provide settlement instructions in the financial markets and to receive and hold safely in the account, shares, bonds and other securities as are or may be owned or purchased, subscribed or acquired by the Subsidiary.

c)       to subscribe, acquire, buy, sell, transfer and/or accept the transfer of any shares, bonds or securities or cash/money on behalf of the Subsidiary.

d)      to buy or sell currencies at the Bank’s spot rate of exchange and/ or make investments on behalf of the Subsidiary.   

e)       to sign any dividend mandates, to ensure that dividends are paid and to receive dividends, interest and other payments and to take all necessary action including signing of all necessary applications, and documents for remittance to the account on behalf of the Subsidiary.

f)        to take all necessary actions including signing of necessary applications and other documents for the remittance of proceeds to the account pursuant to the sale proceeds of any shares, bonds or securities sold by on behalf of the Subsidiary.

g)      to sign any and all transfer deeds, documents, agreements or other material necessary for the sale and transfer of any shares, bonds and securities which may be sold by or on behalf of the Subsidiary from time to time.

h)      to execute pledges, negative pledge documents, mortgages, sales agreements, hypothecation assignments, lien, promissory notes, subordination agreements, letters of comfort, and indemnities on behalf of the Subsidiary and in favour of the Bank in order to cover various banking/credit facilities (including direct and indirect liabilities/obligations) availed by the Subsidiary or by any third-party or person.

i)        to represent or authorize to anyone to represent the  Subsidiary wherein the Subsidiary  is a shareholder or partner or sole-proprietor and to attend the General Assembly Meeting/Shareholder Meeting/ Board Meeting on behalf of the Subsidiary and sign any resolution that may be required from time to time and any addendum to the Memorandum of Association or Articles of Association for the respective entity.

j)        to have borrowing powers on behalf of the Subsidiary.

3.  THAT the certified copy of these resolutions is to be filed with the Bank and the Bank is requested to act upon them. These resolutions shall continue in full force and effect and the Bank shall be entitled to rely upon and act pursuant to the same until such time as the Bank shall have received actual notice, certified in writing by the shareholders for its revocation, variation, amendment or supplement.


There being no other business, the meeting was terminated.

Details of above passed Resolution have duly been entered in the related Books held at the Registered Office.



Name:ПІБ представника (Eng.) .
Position: Посада представника (Eng.)








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Рішення ради директорів про представництво в банках є обов'язковим документвом в ОАЕ, який представник зобов'язаний надавати в банківських установах.

Директор (акціонер): юридична особа (нерезидент України), фізична особа;

Дочірнє підприємство: юридична особа (нерезидент України)

Представник: фізична особа.


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