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Форс-мажор, (Торгово-промислова палата), тривалість 3 місяці, скасування, (англ), універсальний


1. Any of the parties of the present Contract will not bear the responsibility for full or partial default of any of the obligations under the present Contract if such default will be consequence of such circumstances as a fire, flooding, earthquake, other acts of nature, war, blockade, embargo, acceptance by legislative governmental bodies of legislative and the statutory acts interfering the execution of the duties by the parties under the present Contract, strike or any other circumstances which are taking place outside of the control of the parties and arisen after the present Contract has been signed.

2. The party which is unable to carry out its duties is obliged to notify immediately the other party in writing about approach and prospective validity of such circumstances (not later than ten day from the moment of their approach).

3. Evidence of the appropriate chambers of commerce will serve as appropriate proof of the above-mentioned circumstances and their duration.

4. Timeless notification about force-majeure circumstances deprives the correspondent party to refer on them hereafter.

5. The parties of the Contract are obliged to execute the duties at approach of such opportunity or at cancellation of such circumstances.

6. If these circumstances will last more than three months, each of the parties will have the right to cancel the Contract completely or partially, and in this case any of the parties will not have the right to demand from other party of compensation of probable losses.

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