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Remedies. The parties shall be entitled to exercise any right or remedy available to it either at law or in equity, subject to the choice of law, venue and service of process clauses limitations agreed herein. Nothing in this agreement shall commit the TIPS to an arbitration resolution of any disagreement under any circumstances. Any Claim arising out of or related to the Contract, except for those specifically waived under the terms of the Contract, may, after denial of the Board of Directors, be subject to mediation at the request of either party. Any issues not resolved hereunder MAY be referred to non-binding mediation to be conducted by a mutually agreed upon mediator as a prerequisite to the filing of any lawsuit over such issue(s). The parties shall share the mediator’s fee and any associated filing fee equally. Mediation shall be held in __________. Agreements reached in mediation shall be reduced to writing, and will be subject to the approval by the ___________, signed by the Parties if approved by the Board of Directors, and, if signed, shall thereafter be enforceable as provided by the laws of the _____. Do you agree to these terms? Yes, I Agree Remedies Explanation of No Answer

Remedies. Each Buyer and each holder of the Securities shall have all rights and remedies set forth in the Transaction Documents and all rights and remedies which such holders have been granted at any time under any other agreement or contract and all of the rights which such holders have under any law. Any Person having any rights under any provision of this Agreement shall be entitled to enforce such rights specifically (without posting a bond or other security), to recover damages by reason of any breach of any provision of this Agreement and to exercise all other rights granted by law. Furthermore, the Company recognizes that in the event that it fails to perform, observe, or discharge any or all of its obligations under the Transaction Documents, any remedy at law may prove to be inadequate relief to the Buyers. The Company therefore agrees that the Buyers shall be entitled to seek temporary and permanent injunctive relief in any such case without the necessity of proving actual damages and without posting a bond or other security.

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