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Processing personal data


10.1. In the context of the conclusion and execution of the Contract, the Parties will process a series of personal data, namely:

- the personal data of the Client's contact persons disclosed by him to the Provider or collected by the Provider directly from the Contact Persons of the Client during the execution of the Contract;

- personal data of the Provider's contact persons disclosed by the Provider to the Client;

10.2. The Provider processes the personal data of the Client's contact persons (as a rule, name, surname, e-mail address, signature, telephone number) for the purpose of good management of the execution of the Contract, as well as for the purpose of transmitting communications to these data subjects.

10.3. Each party has the capacity of Personal Data Controller in relation to the data processing carried out in the execution of the Contract, individually establishing the means and purposes of the processing of the personal data of the data subjects listed in point 10.1.

10.4. The parties have the obligation to use the personal data exclusively for the purpose of good management of the execution of the Contract, in accordance with the applicable legal provisions.

10.5. The Parties declare and undertake that the personal data that will be disclosed to each other during the execution of the Contract are legally obtained from the data subjects, in compliance with all the formalities of the protection of the incident data (including, but not limited to, informing the data subjects) for the disclosure of these data to the other Party.

10.6. Each Party that wishes to unearth the data processed under this Agreement to a empowered person or to a third party is directly liable to the data subject for any damage caused by this disclosure.

10.7. Each Party undertakes to properly inform its own contact persons about the processing described in this contract carried out by the other Party.

10.8. In the processing of personal data under the Contract, the Parties undertake to comply with all the obligations applicable to them as personal data controllers under the legislation on the protection of personal data including, but not limited to, the provisions of the GDPR..


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